Two Trips to the Wine & Chile Festival

As part of Santa Fe’s annual city-wide celebration of the fall chile harvest and the seasonal bounty of the vines, Recursos offers special tours of northern New Mexico’s unique kitchens and gardens.  Gallina Valley Ranch, NM (Sept 22-23, 1994).  

Arts and Culture Tours

Navajo Country and the Mysteries of Tony Hillerman
Summer Solstice in the Anasazi World (1988)
Santa Fe: Three Cultures in the American Southwest (Sept 25-Oct 5, 1999, and later)

The Anasazi Heartland (Oct 15-29, 1994). Visits to Canyon de Chelly, Betatakin, the Montezuma Valley, Mesa Verde, Aztec, Chaco Canyon, the Galisteo Basin, and the Rio Grande Valley. Visits to contemporary Pueblos of Laguna, Acoma, Zuni, Hopi, San Juan, and San Ildefonso. Study leader archaeologist John Ware. 

Cultures of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico (Sep 22-26, 1989; Apr 24-May 1, 1991). Faculty: David Snow

Oaxaca, Mexico (Feb 4-19, 1994). Visits to archaeological sites, folk art markets, excellent restaurants. Mixtec ballgame