Arts and Culture Tours


  • Navajo Country and the Mysteries of Tony Hillerman
  • Summer Solstice in the Anasazi World
  • The Anasazi Heartland. Visits to Canyon de Chelly, Betatakin, the Montezuma Valley, Mesa Verde, Aztec, Chaco Canyon, the Galisteo Basin, and the Rio Grande Valley. Visits to contemporary Pueblos of Laguna, Acoma, Zuni, Hopi, San Juan, and San Ildefonso.  
  • The Manhattan Project Seminar
  • Birds of the Rio Grande Valley 
  • Canyon de Chelly and the Navajo-Churro Sheep Resurgence
  • Women Who Rode Away


  • Colonial Cities of Mexico; Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Guadalajara
  • Mexican Gardens in Colonial Cities
  • Mayan Ruins and Exquisite Haciendas
  • Frida Kahlo in Context